Well here it is

After much thought (okay not much), but some! Here I am blogging. Will my sentence structure be perfect?-no. Will it be at a 4th grade reading level?-probably.  

I’m excited none the less, I’m not here to piss anyone off, it’s more of an experiment. An experiment without any cool beakers or lab coats, but still educational. Just something I thought about doing for years, but never had the guts to start. 

Hell I barely update my Facebook because of  a fear of looking like the dreaded “this isn’t your diary!” type of asshat. Well what is it then?If it’s not a log of your day to day thoughts, memories, and hilarious memes (not pronounced me-me, btw). 

Until someone clarifies what Facebook is I’m bringing my ramblings here. I present to you the mess that is my mind. Not always pleasant, sometimes down right depressive. Strange, yet charming (I hope) but always truthful. 

I’ve always found the truth to be fascinating. I hope you’ll agree. If not we’ll probably never meet anyway so whatever. 

Thoughts & comments welcomed. 

Thank you for reading. Also please read all blogs in Brittish accent I find it enhances the experience greatly. Cheerio! 

Disclaimer: Heather is not actually Brittish.  



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